Waynesville NC Home Winter Deals!


Still for sale Waynesville, Clyde and Maggie Valley Home inventory may result in deals

Waynesville, Clyde and Maggie Valley Home sellers tend to go on the market for the first time in the spring. They often list their homes too high out of the gate, which could mean that a series of price reductions follow during the spring and the summer and Fall months.

Those sellers have fewer chances to capture buyers after Labor Day. Thanksgiving and Christmas so home buyers are likely to find desperate sellers and prices that may, in fact, be below a home’s true market value.

Fewer Haywood County buyers are competing

Waynesville NC Families who want to be in a new home by the beginning of the school season are no longer shopping at this point. These families have exited the market, which means less competition. That translates into more opportunities for buyers.

By eliminating entire segment of the housing market provides millennial, single, and baby boomer buyers some breathing room in the Waynesville, Clyde and Maggie Valley home. With the leaves of the trees you can also see the surrounding area better.

Motivated sellers want to close quickly as their property has been for sale to long!

While a home is where the owner may live we find many sellers are selling their Mountain Cabin Second Home and are now back in Florida and are not attached to it like the main home. In fact many find it a hassle winterizing and so on. Buyers might find homeowners looking to make deals so they can close before Spring.