Is there a concern mold in Waynesville


Is there a concern mold in Waynesville, Maggie Valley Home, condos and townhouses for sale?

For sure with all the flooding across the country it can be a major concern. However Waynesville, Clyde and Maggie Valley homes, Condos and Townhouses are in the mountains and water runs down hill. Does that mean you do not have to worry. Heck no!

Many of the older homes that have a basement may not have been built with a water vapor and drainage to keep the basement walls dry. All newer homes built in 2000-2017 have building codes that cover proper preparation to keep water out of the basement. Having a pipe brake because the owners use their cabin as a second home and did not winterize their home properly are subject to water line brakes. Or perhaps over time the water is know settling around the cabin after years of erosion.

So mountains home are not completely out of the woods for mold. 

What can you do when buying a home in Waynesville, Clyde and Maggie Valley area? Your real estate agent should suggest getting a State Licensed Home Inspector from the area you are buying you home. Ask them to inspect the dampness between the walls. If the home is older the the year 2000 and has a basement they need to check the basement walls and attic area. Stains on the ceiling could indicate water problems because of the roof as well.

I am not an inspector but a Experienced Real Estate Agent alway recommend hiring an experienced inspector to my Buyer Clients.

Homes sales in Waynesville, Clyde and Maggie Valley are so brisk many Buyers when they find a Mountain Home skip some of the import thing in the inspection that will be discussed in future Blog.

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