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"You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Remember when, as a kid, you took the wishbone from the Thanksgiving turkey, set it aside, and let it dry for several days?  You probably argued with brothers or sisters about who would get to make the wish.  Then, finally, you took one end, made your wish, got the bigger piece and . . . nothing happened.
On a recent news interview, someone made the statement that "Hope is not a method."  Neither is wishing.  On a cold autumn day, you can hope or wish you were warm all day long, but until you turn up the thermostat or build a fire, nothing will change.  Action always produces results.
So we just "gave thanks" last month for all our blessings.  Chances are good that what you call "blessings" did not occur as a result of wishes and hopes.  You probably reached out and worked hard - you took action - to allow them to come into your life.  If you did - good for you.
Not everyone can do that.  Unfortunately, a great percentage of the population lives only on hope and wishes.  They just do not have the ability to comprehend the concept of cause and effect.  Nor do they possess the motivation or skills to act on their circumstances.  The result?  Their blessings are fewer than most.
Since you are blessed with the ability to make things happen, why not reach out this holiday season to those who aren't.  Don't expect anything in return, and whatever you do - do it anonymously.  You'll be twice blessed! 


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