When Our Asheville Home Lingers on the Market What Should You Do?

Tough question even though supply of homes has decreased from a 8.6 month average supply to a 6 month supply in the last year, many home owners are still seeing their home linger on the market and even longer with vacant land. Is there an answer? In the Asheville, Waynesville and Maggie Valley communities homes like many areas sold quickly at high prices in 2004 through 2006 and know the owners want to sell and here is the dilemma, their mortgage to larger than the home is worth and they need to cover their closing costs.

Often if they talk with the lender they may be able to help you out. If they tell you have to be 90 behind on you payments before they can talk with you go to the next level.

But here are some other suggests and perhaps include your real estate broker.

In an overcrowded housing market, overpriced homes won’t get any showings. To attract buyers who want to buy quickly, pricing the home lower than the market may help.

Sellers don’t have to spend a fortune on improvements, but maybe there’s a reason why buyers keep overlooking their home and items need to be addressed. Maybe some aesthetic finishes will help freshen up the home in buyers’ eyes, such as a fresh coat of paint, decluttering, new hardware on the front door, and tending to the yard.


Is you broke marketing your property not only to Buyers but Brokers as well. With all the Asheville Homes on the Market it is important to keep yours in front of Brokers monthly.

Waynesville Real Estate and Maggie Valley Real Estate is starting to be as active as Asheville Real Estate market with home sales. This is very encouraging Waynesville Home sales are selling equal to 2007 homes sales but are selling on the average of 39% less. Maggie Valley Real Estate is seeing a nice increase in Maggie Valley Log Cabin home sales equal to Waynesville Homes.

There has never been a better time to rent a Maggie Valley log cabin home and enjoy to beautiful mountain views and fresh air.